is an “e-commerce” which has been operating in the “service of equipment” in the restaurant sector for many years. The founder of this website, Aureli Barbara, has always believed that the final customer must be involved in the production chain by taking into account its own needs and ideas. For this reason, she developed a website aimed at proving the products based on the different customers’ characteristics: how to set the organization of the machines by considering the space of the kitchen? Which is the right product which helps the customer to cook according to its temperature/ingredients beliefs? These are only few examples that give an idea of what Foodequipment really is: selling new professional machines able to cook maintain and display the food to the public. Moreover, the Aurelifoodequipment logistic structure can be described by using the “make-to-order” word: the machine is produced only after the purchase order of the customer has been received and processed. This allows us to have a smooth and fast relationships with our principle suppliers (such as Enofrigo, Tecfrigo, Ugolini, SPM, Fimar, Forcar, Amitek, Modular, Vema, Ceado, Pomati, Fornitalia and many other else) as well as customers.

Our core business is focused on the Italian market as well as markets geographically spread around the world: we have customers from Mexico, New York, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Cameron, Canaries and all Europe.  

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